• Michael Pelletier

The Language of Color

It is my aspiration that my paintings would offer a glimpse of hope to the viewer's heart. It is my aim to faithfully represent the beauty that exists in our world through line, color, harmony and balance design.

I believe that this endeavor, in and of itself, will offer a calm to the viewer's soul. It is my desire that in acting on these inspiration, a message of hope is conveyed to the viewer.

It's not just the art but the intent of the artist and what he achieves that should inspire the purchase of my art. And if I spark that instance with the viewer for a moment, I have achieve my goal. I can't imagine living without art. Bring art into your life. It will change it forever.

It is my hope that in the future my work will be for all to experience the healing power of art.

I just want to emphasize that color is an important part of composition as a whole. Color sends a message that it wishes to convey some tension or the other way around, to convey calm.

Color has a visual psychological impact and can encourage feelings and mood. Because of that, color has powerful language to impart information that could not be realized any other way.


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